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Seltjarnarnes Public Library

Seltjarnarnes is one of the oldest municipalities in Iceland and originally covered the majority of Reykjavik. Today the landscape of Seltjarnarnes is surrounded by the ocean on the north, west, and south coastlines. To the east Seltjarnarnes borders with Reykjavik. Seltjarnarnes received Town status in 1974. The population of Seltjarnarnes is about 4600 people.

Seltjarnarnes is governed by a town council, which consists of seven elected officials. Current council was elected in 2010, with 5 representatives from the Independent party and 1 representative from Neslistinn and 1 representative from Samfylking.

Seltjarnarnes Public Library
The library is located on the second floor of the Eidistorg shopping center in the center of the town. The library is open all year round.

Operating hours:
Monday - Thursday 10 pm - 7  pm
Friday 10 pm - 5 pm. 

Saturday 11 pm - 14 pm

Tel.: 5959 170.