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Seltjarnarnes - Information

Seltjarnarnes is one of the oldest municipalities in Iceland and originally covered the majority of Reykjavik. Today the landscape of Seltjarnarnes is surrounded by the ocean on the north, west, and south coastlines. To the east Seltjarnarnes borders with Reykjavik. Seltjarnarnes received Town status in 1974. The population of Seltjarnarnes is about 4600 people.

Seltjarnarnes is governed by a town council, which consists of seven elected officials. Current council was elected in 2010, with 5 representatives from the Independent party and 1 representative from Neslistinn and 1 representative from Samfylking.

Ásgerður Halldórsdóttir is the town mayor of Seltjarnarnes since 2009.

The offices of town hall are located at Austurstrond 2.
Open 8:45 am - 4 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 8:45 am - 2 pm on Fridays.
tel : 5959 100.
Fax: 5959 101.

Department of Finance and Governance oversees and regulates all financial operations and transactions for the municipality and its departments. Main projects include planning, payroll, department funding among others.
Gunnar Lúðvíksson manages the Department of Finance and Governance.

The offices of Finance and Governance are located at Austurstrond 2.
Open 8:45 am - 4 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 8:45 am - 2 pm on Fridays.
Tel: 5959 100.

Social Services of Seltjarnarnes operates in accordance to government laws and regulations.
Baldur Pálsson heads the social services dept.

The Social services office is located at Nesvegur by Mýrarhúsaskóli.
Open 8:45 am - 4 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 8:45 am - 2 pm on Fridays.
Tel: 5959 100.
Fax: 5959 138.

Environmental and Technical Department
The Environmental and Technical Department oversees and regulates all building, planning and zoning codes in Seltjarnarnes. A permit is required for any type of construction and alteration of buildings.

The E/T dept. is in charge of city maintenance and oversees all construction within the town limits. Within the E/T dept. is the gardening dept, Water Authority, Town Parks, and other services.

The office is located at Austurströnd 1.
Open 8:45 am - 4 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 8:45 am - 2 pm on Fridays.
Tel: 5959 100.
Fax: 5959 187.

According to the organizational chart, all schools, library, the nature museum, and school orchestra fall under the Department of Education and Cultural affairs.

Seltjarnarnes School District
The School District office is located at Austurstrond 2.
Open 8:45 am - 4 pm on weekdays.
Tel: 5959 200.

Until 2004 there were two schools operated in Seltjarnarnes; Mýrarhúsaskóli (1.-6. grade) and Valhúsaskóli (7.-10. grade). The two schools merged into one, Grunnskóli Seltjarnarness, which now seats 750 students. The school serves as an elementary school and as a middle school.
Valhúsaskóli is located by Skólabraut and Mýrahúsakóli by Nesvegur.
Principal: Ólína Thoroddsen

There is a pre-school/kindergarten in Seltjarnarnes. The school is located by Suðurströnd.
Tel: for Leikskóli Seltjarnarness is 5959 280 / 5959 290.

There is a music school in Seltjarnarnes. The school is located by Skólabraut.
Tel. for Tónlistarskóli Seltjarnarnes is 5959 235.

Seltjarnarnes Public Library
The library is located on the second floor of the Eidistorg shopping center in the center of the town. The library is open all year round.

Operating hours:
Monday - Thursday 10 pm - 7 pm
Friday 10 pm - 5 pm.
Tel.: 5959 170.

The Department of Sports and Recreation handles all recreation and sports in Seltjarnarnes.

Seltjarnarnes Sports/Recreation center
The Sports Center is responsible for the 25m long swimming pool, 3 indoor gymnasium, and outdoor soccer fields. The sports center serves a variety of sports and local teams have access to the facilities as well as the gyms are rented out to groups and individuals.
The swimming pool is open weekdays from 06:30 am until 9 pm and from 8 am until 6 pm on weekends.
Tel.: 561 1551.
Fax: 561 1560.

A 9 hole golf course is located in Suðurnes. The course is open to the public but call for tee times.
Tel: 561 1930

The so called West Area, along with the island of Grótta, is a nature/and recreational area, with an astonishing bird life. The area is quite unique within the Greater Reykjavik Area.

Seltjarnarnes prides itself with the amazing bird life within the town limits. The biggest bird area is within the West Area, by Grótta and Bakkatjörn. About 106 different bird species have stayed in the area for shorter or longer time periods. Over half of the bird population is Icelandic layer birds. Among the "guests" is the tern, the goose, the duck, and the eiderduck. The coastline and beaches of Seltjarnarnes is also occupied with a variety of bird life and unique flora.

Grotta and Bakkatjorn are reservations according to nature conservation laws. The island of Grotta has restricted access and is off limits during nesting season. The town of Seltjarnarnes operates a Learning center in Grotta.

The Learning Center in Grótta is supervised by the School Office. The Center has two employees; an academic counselor and a maintenance supervisor. The Center is open to any individuals or groups who wish to visit. For further information, contact the office of town hall at 5959 100.

Community service
A distinguishing factor about Seltjarnarnes is that all services are located within the same area; pre-schools, elementary and middle school, sport and recreational center, library, music school and health care services.

Youth Center Selid
The Youth Center operates mainly during the school year. The Youth Center offers a variety of after school programs for kids 13-16 years old, such as organized clubs, radio broadcasts, educational programs, travel and more.
Tel.: 5959 177.

Health Care
The Health Care Center in Seltjarnarnes serves the residents of Seltjarnarnes and a part of Reykjavik. The location of the Health Care center is close to the school and the sports center as well as the retirement home.
Tel.: 513 2100

There is one church in Seltjarnarnes, Seltjarnarneskirkja, located by Valhusahæð.
Tel.:561 1550.

Public transportation
Greater Reykjavik Transport (Opens in new window) (Strætó BS) operates public transportation in Seltjarnarnes, in conjunction with six other neighboring municipalities.
The buses operate from 6:35 am until 11 pm with 20 minute intervals on weekdays but 30 minute intervals on weekends.

Public trails
There are several trails in Seltjarnarnes. A continuous path lies along the coast line all around Seltjarnarnes and continues in to and around Reykjavik.

Public Water Authority
Seltjarnarnes water works oversees all water operations in the town; waterworks, heating utility, and sewerage system in conjunction with the Reykjavik Power Company.

The electrical utility operates in conjunction with the Reykjavik Power Company.

Sanitation is handled by Gámaþjónustan hf (Opens in new window) and garbage incineration by Sorpa bs

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